I needed a good laugh and this book delivered from start to finish. Loved the format. I sent my brother a copy, and he won’t stop calling me laughing! I would have given this book five stars if my brother would stop calling so much. It’s just too funny.
I barely had time to breathe, I was laughing so hard. GET THIS BOOK!
This book is hysterical! The writing is sharp and incredibly creative. You will laugh out loud!! Thanks to Scott Dikkers and the great writers for helping us laugh through this year’s political craziness!
By Mark 
Read this if you are sitting in an armchair and want an excuse to fall out of your chair laughing.
By Kevin 
For what it’s worth, and that’s clearly in the billions, nothing has made me laugh and cry at the exact same moment in time, like the literary genius that is “Trump’s America”. Easily backs the claim of being worth billions. God help us all, but in the mean time, this is a must read.
Reality makes the best fuel for comedy and this felt like a Colbert Report-esque take on “the Donald”…You’ll need tissues (and/or extra undies), partly because it’s hilarious and partly because you’re crying that this is actually happening.
Scott Dikkers is a genius.